Code of Conduct 

We fully support the Football Association of Wales Behind the Line, Behind the Team campaign and are committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of our members.

Every player, parent and spectator is expected to get behind the team and follow the below Code of Conduct.


  • Show respect  and listen to match officials and your coaches.
  • Show respect to your opponents and shake their hands after each game.
  • Accept responsibility for your own performance and behaviour. 
  • Treat all fellow players equally.
  • Not bully or make anyone feel unhappy or sad.
  • Always pursue fair play - stick to the laws and the spirit of the game. 
  • Display high standards, behave responsibly and never use foul, abusive, insulting or inappropriate words, behaviour or gestures.
  • Take care of equipment owned by the club.
  • Make football fun. 

Parents & Spectators

  • Show exemplary behaviour by respecting and appreciating match officials, opposition players, coaches, managers and spectators.
  • Deliver and collect your child punctually before and after training, matches and club events.
  • Support and motivate all players, including the opposition, and encourage your child to do the same.
  • Encourage your child to obey the laws of the game  and teach them that they can only do their best.
  • Not place unnecessary pressure on your child or push them into activities they do not want to do.   Applaud effort and good play.  
  • Not to interfere with the coaches instructions and not to confuse the players by telling them what to do.
  • Respect the decisions of the match officials.
  • Get Behind the Line and not enter the field of play without prior permis sion from the referee.
  • Make football fun. 

Caerwent Playing Fields and Village Hall,
NP26 5BJ.



Phone: +44 (0) 7940 510649 

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